3 Types of Website Hosting
There are different types of website hosting like shared, WordPress, cloud, reseller, among others. All these types serve different needs, and going for one will depend on some factors. It’s important to know the distinguishing elements of various site hosting to be in a position to pick the best hosting that will meet your needs. Here is an overview of multiple types of such hosting.

Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting is where one computing server hosts various websites. It’s a popular option for new websites that are starting. It is great when it comes to providing a cost-effective hosting solution and user friendly. The number of hosts a shared hosting server can be dozens to hundreds of websites. These websites will share various server resources like disc space, Central Processing Unit (CPU), and Random Access Memory (RAM). You will also share the main directory, which stores your web content and files. But the websites will not see each other’s content and files. It, however, does not have root access. This makes it hard for people who host their websites on shared hosting to do things on their website, like modifying the server, wide configuration of files, and installing certain software needed for a project. This type of hosting is beginner friendly as it gives users website tools like WordPress hosting. If you are a stay-at-home mom who wants to venture into blogging or a small business that doesn’t have huge files to upload on their websites, this hosting type is excellent for you.

VPS Hosting

A virtual private server is a hosting where it hosts several accounts in a single computing server, but the accounts are given personal resources for each user. Website owners who go for this type are mandated to deploy their software and operating system. VPS hosting providers use a hypervisor installed on their OS to divide it into various servers. There are two types of VPS hosting- managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. If you go for an unmanaged one, you will be responsible for configuring and handling the server. For instance, if you have a WordPress website, you will have to install Litespeed or Apache. This is an excellent choice for website developers and owners with a technical background. The managed VPS hosting plan is governed by the provider, suitable for people with no technical skills. Regardless of whichever you go for, the VPS hosting plan has root access, is secure, and highly scalable.

Cloud Hosting

If you wish to have uptime and maximum performance, you should opt for cloud hosting. It utilizes several web servers to enhance the user experience. It can avail web files to different web servers and handle web traffic better. The services will include simpler server management, easy scaling up and tracking hosting metrics like disc usage activities, data transfer and CPU utilization. This type of hosting is suitable for large businesses requiring bandwidth, high performance and huge traffic.

Final Thought

Web hosting is an integral part of building a website. The hosting web service you choose will impact the performance of your website. Work with Certo Hosting if you wish to attain a high performing and uptime website.

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