5 Reasons Businesses Need A Website Hosting Service
Many businesses are going online, which has sprung up the need for hosting services. Most prefer to pay a subscription for server services than to set up an in house web server. You will enjoy various benefits when you go for web hosting services for your business. Here is a list of some of them.

1. No Need for a Web Dedicated Server Set-up

There will be no reason to operate an in-house website server, which can be expensive. When you compare setting up your server to renting out hosting services, hosting is cheaper. Everyone is trying to save up and limit additional expenses on their business. A reason most business owners would opt hosting services. The good thing about getting hosting services is that you will be relieved of certain requirements like taking care of patches, backups and updates to the server’s OS. This leaves you with ample time to create quality content for your site.

2. Little Chance of your Website Crashing

The providers are always ready for anything. The servers are usually on the cloud and have other backup servers. So when there is a problem with the main server, they quickly bring the backup server online. This ensures that your website has 99.9% uptime.

3. An Array of Hosting Options to Choose from

CertaHosting offers different hosting options depending on your needs. The main three hosting options include;
  • Shared hosting: you share with more than one website the resources of a single computing server
  • Dedicated hosting: the hosting provider gives you a single cloud-based web server
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting: you share the server with other websites, but the server resources are tailor-made for each website
Business sites always go for VPS or Dedicated hosting, which can hold heavy traffic and huge files. These types of hosting can maintain your website speed and performance, thereby boosting user experience.

4. Secure Website

The best web hosting service will have additional tools to keep your website safe and secure. Various hosting options provide add-ons like malware and antivirus software. Before choosing a provider, you need to verify what security offers they have for you.

5. Monitoring your Website Status is Easy

Renting cloud-based servers makes monitoring your website status easy. You will be able to check out your site remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, you will use various monitoring applications that can alert you when something is off. The applications are configured so that you get a text message or an email for a bunch of things like bandwidth usage, server performance, and other things. The application will stay at the in house server. Therefore all information is collected and stored locally.


Having an online presence as a business is important in this day and age, where almost everything is done online. Using hosting services makes any business manage their website, boosting sales and user experience. Contact Certa Hosting today at 0300-303-3241 for more information about our website hosting services.

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