6 Benefits of WordPress Hosting
For your site to be visible online, it must have a host. While there are many hosting options and providers in the current market, nothing compares to WordPress hosting. The reason is that almost all online platforms and websites are made from WordPress. It is highly praised for its ease of use and perfect customization features. Having understood how renowned WordPress is, let’s dive into the benefits of WordPress Hosting.

Outstanding Performance

When it comes to performance, WordPress hosting boosts in having the world’s best hosting options. Since almost all existing online platforms and websites are built using WordPress, it is without a doubt safe to conclude that WP hosting favours the balance of software, firmware, and hardware needed for smooth website performance. Seamless performance means you will only run into fewer abnormalities with your website. This, in turn, offers the users with a positive experience. Excellent user experience, on the other hand, leads to more revenue.

Ready to Use

Any developer working with WordPress websites understand how important this feature is. It is always a tiresome experience when you have to download and install WordPress each time you work with different servers. However, with WordPress Hosting, the WordPress is already pre-installed, thus eliminating compatibility issues.

Offers Cloud-based Hosting

The benefits associated with cloud-based hosting can easily be harnessed through WordPress Hosting. Additionally, developers make use of Varnish Cache in cloud-based environments, thus giving your website the potential of being 100% faster.

Offers Security and Backups

WordPress hosting is fully equipped with the features of CodeGuard. The CodeGuard offers periodic data backups. Therefore in case of unforeseen system failure, you will be able to restore your data quickly. It also features SiteLock that continuously scans the website for any malware in your system, and takes immediate actions. These safety measures aim to prepare your site for any security threats imaginable.

Includes Managing Services

A managed service is genuinely an essential advantage that comes with WP hosting. This means you don’t have to be concerned about the maintenance of your site, as the host team will handle all this. As your site grows and expands, you will require additional hosting space. Using WordPress host managed services; you will not have to be concerned about the maintenance and scalability of hosting resources such as RAM, CPU and storage space.

Features JetPack Plugins

The construction of WordPress is mainly based on centric template approaches with a broader scope of customization. Plugins, therefore, play an essential role in WordPress proficiency. Jetpack plugins, one of the most vital WordPress plugins, features WP hosting. The plugin provides WordPress themes and lazy loading, among other functions. It also aids in marketing services, including analytics, SEO tools, security and payment integrations.

Final Thought

The benefits of WordPress Hosting are just limitless. However, we have mentioned just but a few of the essential benefits. To get a firsthand experience of these benefits, you can always reach out to Certa Hosting and purchase one of our WordPress Hosting packages.

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