Advantages of unlimited web hosting
When you’re launching a company or a brand about yourself, it is always essential to have a website about it these days. The internet can do so much to bring exposure to your brand and tell people what your brand is all about. Everything is online now. Shopping, socializing, and even some forms of medical help. For a company, it is a top priority to have an online presence. The importance of having a robust online presence has become so crucial that the success of companies depends upon it. So what do you do first to gather an online audience? You build a website. But to build a website, you need a website hosting service. These services are responsible for keeping your website up and running by storing them in their servers and keeping them online on the internet. Now what’s left is to choose a hosting plan that suits your brand.

Unlimited web hosting

The term ‘unlimited web hosting‘ means to have a website hosting service that provides unlimited bandwidth, storage, domains and websites. It is not genuinely unlimited because most of these resources are set with limits in various ways. But opting for an unlimited web hosting service if you’re a start-up is the more economical alternative. As mentioned before, unlimited web hosting allows you to have specific unlimited resources like bandwidth. It makes the service best for a business or brand expected to have high traffic because unmetered bandwidth enables the website to be consistently accessible. If the access is limited with metered bandwidth, the website will lose clients and lower Google rankings. The unlimited web hosting plan also comes with unlimited websites so that you can keep an unlimited number of records. The unlimited disk space offered by the program comes in handy for online businesses as it allows the business website to host a ton of images.

What are the alternatives?

There are other types of hosting services that exist; take a look at some of them –
  • Reseller web hosting: Reseller web hosting means that the client who is using the service is allowed to become the server’s host.
  • Virtual dedicated server: A virtual dedicated server (VPS) divides the resources like the CPU, RAM and storage into different virtual servers.
  • Dedicated server: In a dedicated server, a client has the resources at his disposal to use. All the maintenance and administrative responsibility lie with the clients. But the client does not own the server.

Why pick an unlimited hosting plan over others?

There are several advantages to picking an unlimited hosting plan over others. For a small online business that has just started, an unlimited plan is usually the way to go.
  • It is way cheaper – An unlimited hosting plan is typically a shared hosting service, meaning that multiple users who do not take up much resources and space are on a single server. So the cost is cheaper compared to other plans.
  • Maintenance is easy – Since many clients are already on a single server, the maintenance is done faster by the host themselves.
  • High traffic is handled – In an unlimited plan, the bandwidth is unlimited. The server can take tons of visitors to a website, so your website is easily accessible by a lot of people at the same time.
  • Reliable technical support – Since the server you’re being hosted on is provided by the hosting service, their engineers are always on hold to help you with your technical difficulties.

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