All About Web Hosting
Web Hosting consists of a service, which allows people or organisations to post a webpage or website on the internet. The provider will both the services and technologies required for the site to be viewable on the web. Sites tend to be stored on servers with all their files and data. So, when the visitors wish to see your site, they just need to type in your site domain or address in their browser. Here, their desktop or phone will start connecting to your server, causing your web pages to be sent to them. You can get your unlimited web hosting from Certa Hosting today.

Shared Hosting

Under this type of hosting, there is sharing of the server among several companies, which hires the web hosting service. It involves the division of a server’s resources across several clients. Every one of them possesses their bandwidth, individual band and disk space based on the contract of the hosting plan. Here, the value will depend on the available resources, space used, the website traffic and the list go on. We recommend this plan for businesses that don’t have enough traffic or who just started their site. This type of hosting prioritises price, maintenance, and simplicity.

The Good

  • One of the shared hosting’s biggest advantages would be its low cost.
  • The process of installing and maintaining it is quite simple. You just have to “Click and Drag.”
  • You receive effective technical support. It solves all your problems and answers all your queries.
  • It features a set of resources that can grow based on the website’s demands.

The Bad

  • They typically arise whenever the website shows a significant boost in traffic volume, resulting from resource contention server, along with other customers of the business, which provides the service.
  • Customising the hosting service isn’t possible.
  • The server can get overwhelmed occasionally, causing the website to go down.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Under a dedicated server hosting package, the hardware is only dedicated to the contracting customer’s needs rather than sharing its server with other clients. Here, the customer isn’t obliged in sharing resources and also offers performance, great flexibility, and an increased control level. You have the option to pick your operating system. It will install all the applications by themselves and also add the security mechanism that best fits your atmosphere. But this server hosting does require you to possess certain abilities for managing and maintaining your server. We don’t recommend this hosting to beginners.

The Good

  • You have zero chances of being hacked and affected by other websites.
  • There is complete autonomy over your hosting atmosphere.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t fit small companies because of its high price.
  • You do need some skills for managing and maintaining this server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

A Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting consists of a technology, which is growing at a rapid pace in the field of web hosting. The creation of a VPS takes place by software, which ends up dividing a physical server by creating numerous virtual servers in it. This process is known as server virtualisation. We recommend this hosting for medium websites featuring a volume of accesses right between or anywhere from medium and high.

The Good

  • It offers enhanced security and performance compared to shared hosting.
  • There is cost-benefit.
  • You will notice a decrease in acquisition and equipment maintenance costs.

The Bad

  • The client has to install and maintain it. They are also responsible for VPS security.
  • If a client lacks experience within that subject, then one needs to hire the supplier’s management.

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