All You Need to Know About Website Hosting
Did you know websites are like physical business stores in the real world? Just like a store needs a physical location, a website needs an area to store your website’s HTML code, numerous files and images. They take up space, and without such an area, your files will sit on a computer, limiting you from showcasing what you intend to show other people.

What is Website Hosting?

In layman’s language, website hosting is simply renting some storage space on the internet. A hosting provider offers services that allow you to put your website files on the internet. The provider will also be responsible for delivering the files to your website as soon as a browser asks for them once you type your domain name.

Domain Name

Before anything else, you will first buy a domain for your site. This acts as an address to your website on the internet. So, when someone types in your domain name, it is then converted into an IP address. The hosting provider, in turn, will showcase all videos, files and images that make up your site. Just like the physical world where each address is unique, the same domain name is. Before opening up a site, it is important to always go for a domain name that succinctly reflects your brand. Here are a few tips you need to consider when selecting a domain name;
  • A short name that is easy to remember
  • Domain should be easy to pronounce and spell
  • Go for top-level one like
  • No numbers or hyphens
  • Use domain generators to maximize domain ideas

Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

The service makes your website accessible to the internet. Therefore, it’s essentially an important consideration when building a website. The provider maintains and ensures the servers are running 24-hours a day, thereby ensuring excellent performance. If you own an online business, having a perfect hosting service can boost sales and user experience. Another reason to seek such services is to improve your website search engine optimization. The kind of web host you go for can drastically impact your web speed, which Google considers when ranking web pages. Getting a web hosting service is better than getting an in-house dedicated server when it comes to efficiency. You will not spend time and money maintaining physical hardware or hiring a developer. Most host providers will avail an intuitive control panel that lets you easily manage your website. It goes beyond managing the website; you will control the domain name and allow you to upload files and applications.

Final Thoughts

To get the best outcome out of hosting service, you should go for the best services money can buy. It’s the only way you will get exceptional services. At Certa Hosting, you get fast, secure and efficient services. This enables you to boost sales and user experience. Our mantra is always to ensure our clients get hustle free hosting. Contact us for this and other related services.

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