An Overview of Managed WordPress Hosting
It’s obvious you have come across managed WordPress hosting when searching for a web host. Compared to the available hosting options, you might just be wondering why it’s a popular option among many website owners. To have an easy time choosing the best managed WP hosting provider, you should get to understand what managed WordPress hosting entails. In this piece, you will certainly discover what managed WP hosting is and how to find the best hosting service for your site.

What is a Managed WordPress?

Managed WP refers to a specialized service offered by web hosting companies. It simply manages all the aspects of your website continuously. The hosting provider will be responsible for your website maintenance, including speed and security assessment, among others.

Comparison between Managed Word Press Hosting and Regular Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common hosting plan for small websites and businesses. Any new person in the online field will be tempted to go for shared hosting. However, as much as it is a cheaper solution, it cannot be compared to a managed hosting. To start with, it is never a good option for websites with high traffic. This is because your website will be sharing resources with, if not a hundred thousands of other users. With this, you are prone to become a victim of security or performance problems. However, managed hosting eliminates such a problem. Managed hosting servers are usually configured and optimized for your WordPress website, meaning your site will handle all traffic spikes issues. While there are no set standards that define what a managed WP hosting is, it commonly features:
  • Speed optimizations features
  • Maintenance services
  • 24 hours support system
  • Advanced security

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are among the many website users who would like to upgrade to the managed hosting, then here are the major reasons why it’s the best choice.

Eliminate the necessity of Technical Expertise

With this hosting, you don’t need to undergo any technical training. Well, as much as this will save you in terms of training, you also avoid the headache that comes with hiring professional engineers to handle the website. This hosting package includes a hosting team whose role is to ensure your site remains fast and stable. With such assistance, you can easily focus on making your website content great.

Provides Scalability

In addition to improving the performance of your website, managed hosting guarantees proper website functionality under high traffics. High traffics can cause strains to the server, which in turn causes downtime. However, managed hosting servers use SSD drives that help reduce the load times.

Offers Instinctive Updates

Manage hosting offers opportune ways to plugins and software updates. Having up-to-date plugins aids in protecting your site against hackers and any other security breach. With optimized caches on a managed hosting solution, you can easily remove all the unnecessary plugins on your site. Fewer plugins are vital in the performance of your website, and managed hosting will certainly make their updates much less easy.


Always be ready to read different online reviews to better understand different users’ experiences before making a decision. Having understood what managed WordPress hosting is, take action and shift to a managed host for better performance and security.

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