Benefits of professional email hosting for your business
Hosting offers various channels of communicating within your business and externally. Choosing the right communication tools can improve productivity and help with marketing.
Using email
Email is known as a convenient and fast way of keeping in touch. This may be with colleagues, customers and other contacts anywhere in the world. It is almost instantaneous. With smartphones and other mobile devices, recipients can pick up messages wherever they are. It enables you to be more responsive. For instance, you can change the prices in your newsletter quickly because there is no printed material involved.
Your staff can log in to their email when away from the office. If someone is unavailable, a quick email is often better than a voicemail message, especially when the message involves detailed information.
Email hosting is used for a lot of reasons in many businesses. It is a cost-effective marketing channel. Information of all kinds can be distributed to your customers. This is providing they have opted in to receive such communications.
Customer friendly
Dealing with customer queries by email instead of the telephone can have many benefits. Therefore can reduce your costs and retain a valuable paper trail. Automated emails can keep your customers updated on the status of their orders. Attaching files is a good way of transferring important information. control 2633861 640
Types of email hosting services
Free online email service
Online email hosting service is normally accessed through a standard web browser (like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari). Popular online email services include Google’s Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Microsoft’s However, using a free address can look unprofessional. As a result, when purchasing email addresses, you should use with your own company domain name.
Purchase mailboxes from a web host
If your business doesn’t have a network server, it is probably best to get good email host for your company. A company which hosts your website should be able to supply email addresses too. To look professional, ensure your email addresses end in your company domain name. For instance, each member of staff could have [email protected] Mailboxes should be accessible using common email software like Microsoft Outlook and on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Cloud-hosted email
Services such as Office 365 enable businesses to store their entire email infrastructure in the cloud. The data stored on the service provider’s servers. New users added quickly and conveniently, without any software installation and minimal configuration. Email can be accessed from virtually any device with an internet connection.
Use your network server
If your business has a network server, you can use it to manage all company email internally. Your network server acts as a mail server, storing all emails coming into your business. Each employee then connects to the server to send and receive their emails. You will need to install mail server software onto your network server. Setting up a mail server is a complex task. Your IT supplier or a consultant can help if you lack the necessary experience in-house.

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