Best Free WordPress Themes to Use in 2020
As a developer, you are definitively not new to the idea of WordPress themes. While a lot of developers are of the idea that free themes are for newbies in the word of developing, there is a lot that can be gotten from the use of free WordPress themes. Although there are indeed some WordPress themes that can best be described as dangerous, there are those that can actually offer you a lot of value even though you will not be paying any money. As a matter of fact, some free WordPress themes are more functional that certain themes that you have to part with some money before using. Contained in this article are some free WordPress themes which do not just come with lots of amazing features but are some of the best WordPress themes you can get without paying a dime. Read on to discover what these free WordPress themes are, how they function, and how you can get the best out of them. If you’re looking for the fastest WordPress themes you should check out this blog. From the name of this free WordPress theme, you can have an idea of what it is all about. This theme is one that is perfectly suitable for online magazines. It is sleek and comes with lots of features that can make online magazines look amazing. So long you are building a site for an online magazine, you can always make use of this theme. The industry your online magazine is focused on is not significant. Great Mag is not just a theme that gives lots of attention to visuals. It is a theme that is very responsive and can make your site accessible from various types of devices. Featured by this theme are social media buttons which make it very easy to connect to your social media handles from your website. Furthermore, by making use of this theme, you will not need to worry about the limitations caused by language as the Great Mag theme makes it easy to write for people that speak various languages. This theme was built to meet the needs of online magazines. It has a layout that is not just stunning but also grid-based. Due to its layout, if you are looking to put up popular stories from various categories, you won’t have to struggle to do that. Furthermore, this theme was designed to make website owners make money from their site effortlessly. It has lots of ad areas which make this possible. By working with this theme, you are not limited to just putting up written posts and pictures. You can also put up videos and audios. The features make it perfect for websites for firms in the entertainment sector. If you make use of this theme in building your website, visitors to your website will not be limited to just making use of PCs when checking out your site. They will be able to conveniently make use of mobile devices as this theme is very responsive, In addition to being responsive, this theme gives you a lot of room for customization. Such things as colors and fonts can always be customized by simply making use of this theme. Finally, Madd Magazine was designed to load rapidly and can also help your website rank well as it is SEO optimized. If you have made use of the premium version of Hestia, you can attest to the fact that it is an amazing WordPress theme. Well, if you do not want to spend money in getting a premium WordPress theme, you can make use of the free version of this theme and still enjoy a lot of benefits. This theme is one you can rely on to build a WordPress blog that is very user-friendly. The reason for this is its design is simple and is targeted at ensuring that visitors to your blog are able to interact very effortlessly. Hestia is not just a theme that can be enjoyed on PCs. It can be enjoyed by users of mobile devices as well. As a matter of fact, when used with mobile devices, it is very responsive. That’s not all. It was not designed with just one industry in mind. Regardless of the industry you find yourself, this WordPress theme can be taken advantage of. While Hestia is a great choice for any business, it is actually best for startups. This is because it features a slider which small businesses and startups can take advantage of to let visitors to their site know what their business is all about. That’s not all. Hestia also makes a room available for businesses that want to share some testimonials and talk about their employees. This WordPress theme is not just free, it is one that is very flexible and can be used for lots of purposes. As a business that is looking to build a website that can best be described as professional and modern, this is one free WordPress theme you can always rely on. This theme possesses a special feature that lots of other free themes lack. This feature is the drag and drop page builder. While this feature is simply amazing, it is just one of the many premium features that come with this theme. Some of these features are an About page that you do not have to design before going on to put in details about your firm that you are willing to share, as well as more than 11 custom widgets. On this theme, there is enough space for firms that are looking to put up information about their employees and testimonials from their clients. When putting up information about your team members, you are not just limited to putting up their pictures and names. You can put up short biographies also. This theme might not be the very best for those that are into entertainment. However, it can be described as the go-to theme if you are looking to build a professional website for your business. When you make use of this theme, you can always have colour and fonts alternative. This, therefore, makes it very easy to customize your website to your exact taste. In addition to this, the Astrid theme has a particular feature that is popular with premium themes. This feature is the header image which is full width. With this header image, you can always put up photos with high resolution. By making use of this free WordPress theme, you can always have a section on your site dedicated to talking about your team members and the services your firm offers. When making visitors to your site aware of what your business offers, you are not limited to simply typing, you can pair each information you put up with icons, thereby, making your presentation a lot more professional than you can imagine. One special feature of this theme is it ensures that your website is not limited to people that speak your language only. It makes translations possible. This way individuals that do not speak the language your website makes use of can still know what your firm is all about. Some special features of this theme are WooCommerce support which makes it easy to sell items on your website, a responsive design that makes it possible for your website to be viewed on both PCs and mobile devices, a spot for a call to action which can go a long way in making your website profitable. In addition to all these, this theme creates room for sharing details about your team members and what their job descriptions are. You can also share testimonials from clients as there is also a room available for this.

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