Best Managed WordPress Hosting to Use in 2020

Every WordPress website owner needs the right hosting for their site. While there are many ways to host a site, by making use of managed WordPress hosting, you can have access to lots of features that are trusted to make your website successful.

That being said, contained in this article are some of the best-managed WordPress hosting platforms which every website owner should be aware of.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

#1. Certa Hosting

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This platform is considered the best WordPress hosting platform for help and support. Its users can have lots of disk space and well as lots of support whenever they get stuck or have a challenge while making use of its platform.

Although this platform is one that offers its users a lot of help, it can be considered a little too expensive. It also is not a platform that offers its users good value for their money. While this WordPress hosting platform is one of the best, it is not rich in features. This, therefore, is one thing that its competitors have over it.

Like a lot of other WordPress hosting platforms, WPEngine comes with three plans. The cheapest of these plans can be gotten by paying a monthly fee of $35 per month. It is suitable for just a blog or website that does not have more than 25,000 visitors every month. Furthermore, users of this la have access to 50GB bandwidth, 10GB of storage, more than 35 Studio Press themes and an SSL certificate which is free.

The next plan is known as the Growth plan and it is available for a monthly fee of $115. It is open to use by websites that do not have more than 100, 000 visitors every month and is a plan that was developed for the purpose of helping you grow your business.

The last plan is the Scale plan and can be enjoyed by paying a monthly fee of $290

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting has a reputation for being one of the best-managed WordPress hosting with the best customer service. It comes with lots of amazing features and most popular among these features are automatic updates for plugins, as well as software and a guarantee of a refund if a customer is not satisfied with the services they received.

As long as features are concerned, this WordPress hosting platform can go head-to-head with the Bluehost. The reason for this is a lot of the features that are available in Bluehost are also available on this WordPress hosting platform. In addition to this, by making use of A2 hosting, you will get very good value for whatever amount you invest into your website. While this hosting platform comes with lots of amazing features, some of its cons are it does not offer a free domain and has an uptime score of 99.95% which can be said to be poor.

If you decide to make use of A2 Hosting, you can be certain that your plugins and your software will always be up to date as this hosting platform ensures that they are updated automatically. Furthermore, irrespective of the plan you are making use of on this hosting platform, you can always enjoy free backups, free site transfer, and SSL security.

Every website owner that decides to make use of this hosting platform will have the alternative of making a choice from three hosting plans. The cheapest of these plans is known as the 1-Site plan and it can be gotten for a monthly fee of $24.46. It comes with free SSL security, 10GB storage, site staging, and automated backups.

Furthermore, it is only available for one website. With the site staging feature of this hosting platform, you do not have to assume changes to your site will be perfect. You can always be certain of what they will look like before going live.

The second plan that is available on this WordPress hosting platform is known as the 3-Sites plan. It can be enjoyed by paying a fee of $38.75 monthly. It is suitable for three websites and comes with 25GB storage. Furthermore, it features a couple of add-on domains and an extra physical memory of 1GB.

The final and the most advanced plan that can be gotten on the A2 Hosting platform comes with a monthly fee of $75.48. It can be used for as many websites as you deem fit and offers its users a storage space of 40GB. Furthermore, it suits an unlimited number of add-ons, physical memory of 4GB and four cores.

When making use of A2 hosting, regardless of the plan you opt for, if you do not get good value for your money, you can always ask for a refund.


Bluehost has a reputation as the best WordPress hosting provider. Beyond just having a reputation as the best WordPress hosting, Bluehost is recognized by WordPress itself as the best when it comes to WordPress hosting. By making use of this WordPress hosting platform, you are free to make a choice from three different hosting plans.

Now, regardless of the plan you decide to work with, there are certain privileges you are bound to enjoy so long you make use of BlueHost. Some of these privileges include

  • Unlimited subdomains and domains
  • Unlimited storage
  • Traffic without limitations staging environment
  • Free SSL security
  • Free backups
  • Protection from spam
  • Automatic updates on WordPress
  • Free domains

By working with Bluehost, you can be certain that there will be an increase to the rate at which your website loads. The reason for this is Bluehost makes use of Solid State Drive storage. Regardless of the plan of Bluehost, you decide to make use of, you will be able to enjoy a number of websites without any limitations. This includes the cheapest of plans.

Now the many features that come with Bluehost are not free of charge. They come at a price. While the fee that you pay is a lot dependent on what plan you decide to make use of, if you intend making use of the cheapest available plan, you will need to pay a fee of $29.99 monthly.

By paying this fee, you will be able to have unrestricted access to the basics that are needed to operate a professional website. While this might not be ideal for advanced websites, it is good enough for very simple websites. By making use of the cheapest plan that Bluehost has to offer, you will enjoy good domain privacy and a hundred free themes of undeniable quality.

While the cheapest plan that Bluehost has to offer is very beneficial to website owners, you can get a better plan by paying $39.99 every month. This plan is the Grow plan and serves the function of getting your site built up. In addition to the standard features that every Bluehost plan comes with, the Grow plan also features SEO tools, business review tools, JetPack Premium, etc.

The third plan that is available to website owners that are interested in making use of Bluehost is known as the top plan and it can be enjoyed by paying a monthly fee of $59.99. It comes with special features such as unlimited restores and backups, PayPal Integration, and JetPack Pro.


If you are interested in making use of a WordPress hosting platform that comes with lots of features, you definitely will be interested in making use of InMotion. By deciding to work with InMotion, your site can be pre-installed by a professional. This platform comes with so many features that there is no other platform that currently has the number of features that it comes with.

Although a lot of people can assume that this platform comes with three plans just like some other WordPress hosting platforms, contrary to what a lot of people think, it comes with 6 different plans. This, therefore, gives everyone that is interested in working with this platform a broad range of plans to make a choice from.

Regardless of the plan of the InMotion hosting platform, you decide to make use of, some features you are definitely going to have access to include

  • SSL security
  • Free backups
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • A free domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automated updates for plugins and software.

The most affordable plan that users of this platform can have access to is known as the WP-100S plan. You will have to pay a monthly fee of $8.99 to make use of this plan. By using this plan, you can comfortably manage about 20,000 visitors every month and will also have access to an SSD storage of 40 GB

As you move higher by making use of more advanced plans, you can enjoy better features. So, whatever plan you intend to make use of is dependent on the size of your website and how much you are willing to invest.

It is important to note that by making use of InMotion hosting platform, you can get your money after 90 days if you do not obtain satisfaction form the use of this platform.

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