Common Questions About Website Hosting
Are you still trying to wrap your head around the concept of web hosting? Do you know a thing or two about web hosts and are trying to unravel this mystery? Well, this may be the article for you. Here are three most common queries questions on website hosting with their answers.

Do I really need Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a must if you wish to make your content visible and accessible to visitors worldwide. A web host will help store your files and retrieve them upon request. It’s impractical and quite expensive to want to purchase a dedicated server. The good thing about web hosting is that it gives you ample time to focus on other matters like creating quality content for your website and driving traffic.

Which Web Hosting is best?

Even though there are various hosting plans to choose from, it majorly zeroes down to which type best fits your needs. Different hosting plans cater to other groups of people and realizing what your site needs will ensure you pick the exemplary hosting service. When picking a website hosting service, you need to consider the type of site you have, expected traffic, resources required, and your budget. Here are distinguishable factors of different kinds of hosting plans.
  • Shared Hosting: it’s cost-effective and meant for low traffic site
  • VPS Hosting: this is simply meant for all websites that have outgrown shared hosting
  • Cloud Hosting: suitable for sites that are growing exponentially and need scalable resources
  • Dedicated Hosting: its high end in terms of costs and is meant for sites that need to take control
  • Colocation Hosting: it’s the most expensive hosting plan as it gives you maximum control over software and hardware

What is the Cost of Web Hosting?

The cost of acquiring a hosting plan entirely depends on the type of web hosting you go for and the hosting provider you pick. While there are pocket-friendly hosting plans like shared hosting, others require you to part ways with vast amounts of money. For those sites that require minimal traffic, then going for shared hosting would suffice as it ranges between £2-£7 per month. It is vital to note that some hosting plans and the domain are priced higher. It would therefore help if you had a deeper understanding of all costs involving the process of hosting to plan your budget well.

Can I Host My Website?

Any person can host a website on a computer. But various limitations make this process not worth it. This includes;
  • Setting server software on your computer to ensure people can access your web files
  • Investigating your bandwidth quota as your home internet will be your support system with regards to running websites at home
  • Your computer must be on 24/7, if you shut or reboot your computer, the website will become invisible on the internet
  • Website speed would be low as it is running on a home internet connection which does not have the facilities to operate web pages

Hosting is vital for any Website

If you wish to have your site content gain access to visitors on the internet, then hosting is a must. It’s like renting for storage on a host server. There are various types of hosting plans that Certa Hosting provides.

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