How Does Cheap Unlimited Website Hosting Work?
If you have your website, you may have heard about unlimited website hosting plans that many companies offer. For anyone trying to expand their online presence having multiple websites can be an advantage. To understand how cheap unlimited website hosting works, we must first know what this process is.

Unlimited Website Hosting

Unlimited website hosting means that hosting companies give users unlimited bandwidth, domains, storage, and websites. It won’t be called an unlimited hosting package if any one of these features is missing. These hosting companies offer such packages at cheap rates because they have huge storage capacities to host multiple websites.

How Does Unlimited Website Hosting Work?

So, now we know what unlimited website hosting is and what you need it for. Let us see how companies can provide all these services. To know more about how this works, we should understand a term called overselling.


In simple terms, overselling means selling something out of your capacity. In terms of hosting multiple websites, hosting companies are selling more than they can offer. They have an unlimited hosting ability, which ensures that a single website will not exceed it. Some websites need only a few resources to host, especially those with very little traffic towards them. The company then recognizes those unused spaces and resells them to other users. This is the actual meaning of overselling. But even with unlimited bandwidth and storage, there will be some terms and conditions with the package.

Who Will Benefit From unlimited website Hosting?

The design of this process is such that it will benefit small to medium businesses. It is not suitable for large companies that have more traffic on their websites. It works as an advantage for small and medium-sized businesses because they can procure enough resources to host their websites in a shared hosting environment. It is called cheap unlimited website hosting because the prices are meager compared to dedicated websites or VPS. And if your website gets high traffic or you always upload high-quality videos, it is better to opt for VPS to get exclusive server benefits.

Who should stay away from the unlimited website hosting plans?

If you run any of the following websites, you should not opt for unlimited plans as they will not be convenient. High Traffic Websites: If you receive high traffic, these plans won’t be enough to handle the traffic. Large Scripts Website: If your website has scientific tools, advanced calculation, and extensive script modeling, then you should not take these plans. Video-Sharing Websites: In case you usually upload high-resolution videos on your website, then unlimited plans are not for you. Image Sharing Websites: Such plans will not work for you if your website has high-quality image posts.


Cheap unlimited website hosting is an excellent opportunity for businesses to host their websites online. For small to medium companies, unlimited hosting can offer lots of benefits to help their business grow. If you want to try cheap unlimited website hosting, then CertaHosting is a good option as they provide ultra-fast hosting where the websites are managed and monitored 24/7.

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