IT systems are very complicated and include numerous parts such as hardware, software, internet connection, power supply and phones. If any of these fail it will make it difficult – or, impossible – to operate. Here are the possible IT failures that could affect your business:

Hard disk failures

Computers save all important data onto one co re hard drive. On a hard drive, there is key software like the operating system. If this fails, then you can’t use your PC. If the hard drive itself malfunctions, it is a physical failure.  Either way, your data is not accessible but it is still there. You should have a backup plan and an image of your computer just in case. If you do not there is hope for your important data, may be stored on your computer through a data recovery solution.

Computer failures

It’s not very common if your computer completely fails. It can include having your computer -or more likely laptop- stolen or destroyed, which can happen in all kind of ways. To recover from this you need to know where your credit card is, where you can buy a new computer, what software you have to reinstall and how to recover the backed up data.

A network or broadband failures 

Network hubs, routers and other important network equipment allow your computers to connect to each other and to the internet. If one of these fails, it can be really annoying. You can usually still get on with work, but can’t access your emails or get on the internet. If you use a router from your internet service provider (ISP), you can probably ask them for a replacement, but that may take as long as two weeks to arrive. It’s the same for other network equipment – you need to replace it to get up and running again.

Phones or internet failure 

If your broadband connection goes down then you will need to speak to your service provider. The problem could be caused by them or by your phone company. Think about having a backup internet connection. Mobile broadband is normally a good option. Check the signal in your area and make sure it’s set up ready to go before you need to use it. Your internet connection may fail at some point, and that’s when you’ll need the backup.

Power outage

This is every business persons worse nightmare. Everything goes off: no computer, no monitor, no internet, no business. To avoid data loss, make sure crucial pieces of equipment like your network server are connected to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). These will provide power for a short time, allowing you to shut systems down properly.