Your website should give off a good first impression and attract visitors
attention long enough to stay and come back. The more of a chance to
increased traffic to your website the better. There are many aspects that
come into factor when changing your website around your website.
Making sure it is up to date with prices, products, content and images is
very important for your customers.

Website Navigation

The navigation on your site helps the user find what they’re looking for
and helps your search engine rankings.  You could use more descriptive
text for navigation instead of generic text like ‘Products and Services’
‘About’ and ‘Contact’. Use words that your visitors would use and words
that your visitors are searching for. It’s fewer clicks for the user and
helps search engines show your site.

Mission Statement

Add a mission statement, to tell the visitor what you do and why you
do it. Putting this on your home page, blog or about page will let the
visitors know exactly what they will be getting from you and your
company. This also encourages the customers to trust you more as
your website will look more professional.

You should include [Our company] is where [Our audience] gets,
[What information] that offers and [What benefit].

Call to Action Text

The call to action, or CTA, is very important. If you’ve got your users on
the site and they’re interested, the next step is to make them buy. Buttons
help for actions, for example, “Get a quote,” “Download,” “Open an account,”
“Go to checkout.” The text on the button should begin with a verb.
Otherwise, it’s not a call to action, just a button with some text on it.
“More information” for example, is not a call to action. Use the 1st person
voice (I, me, my) to let the users tell the CTA what to do.
Example: ‘Download My Guide’.

Testimonial Pages

If you have great clients that say great things about you, that is a plus and
it should be seen. The best way to do this is to distribute it throughout your
site. Case studies or video testimonials you can place them blogs, product
pages, about etc. instead of dedicating them to one page. This shows trust
and reliability, as visitors can see other visitor’s feedback on the product or

Team Pages

Let the visitor know who’s behind the scenes in your company and what your
company is all about. This shows the visitors exactly who they’ll be doing
business with. Using individual team pages gives you a chance to rank in search
engines when people search for your name specifically. If you have all of your
team members on one page, there’s no chance Google will know which person
to rank that page for.


Having a mobile-friendly site is now a must have, when it comes to websites.
Google updated their mobile search rankings algorithm and now mobile-friendly
web pages will rank higher in mobile search results than non-mobile friendly
pages. There’s a reason Google did this, they want the user to have a good
experience when they land on your website. If your site has tiny links and is
hard to navigate, people are not going to want to stay on your site.

Read more about Mobile Optimisation

Internal Linking

(See above) Don’t let your visitors hit a dead end on your site, always keep them
moving. On your service pages, you can add a call to action with a link to your
contact form. On the home page, you should link to service pages. Include the
name of the service page in the link so the user knows what to expect when they
click that link.

Email sign up forms

Your sign up forms should contain the 3 P’s: visually Prominent, offer Proof
and Promise something. Make it obvious and clear what they are signing up for.
It’s better to have a smaller amount of engaged users who are there because they
want to be than a large pool of folks who were baited. These are also a good way
of collecting visitors information to tailor your products, services and offers to them.

Email Addresses vs. Contact Forms

If you’re interested in collecting data, you should be using a contact form. With
every form, you should have a unique thank you page. This way you can set up
goals in your analytics and track where your conversions are coming from.
Another user benefit is knowing that your message was received through an
“auto response” email. When you send an email directly, you have no way of
knowing if they received your message or not until the person responds.

Use the White Space

A lot of people complain that on their website there is too much white space
and that people think to fill it with advertising more of their services.
However, white space is essential to good design. White space makes your
content more readable and helps the user to focus on the elements
surrounding the text. White space around text and titles increases user
attention by 20%. It can also make your website feel open, fresh and modern.
The key is to find the balance between what is important to communicate at
the top and surround that with some space to highlight the image and/or text.

Page Speed

One of the most frustrating experiences for users of the web is waiting for a
page to load for too long. With the rise of the mobile devices, people are
accessing content all over the world on many different platforms. A slow
loading page is an interrupting experience for the user even a 2-second delay
in load time can result in abandonment rates of up to 87%.

How to get your page to load quicker

Quick Content

Short paragraphs or bullet points will help the user to quickly get all the
information they want like benefits and key features of a product/service
all in a short amount of time. This will make your site be more attractive you
can also be creative with this and make it eye catching. There are lots of icons to
choose from to promote your content including images as well helps present
your point. This also is useful as it will force you to cut down to the most
important points you are trying to make without getting caught up in
terminology or specifics.


With these easy steps, you can make your site more welcoming for visitors to
secure traffic and -if you have an e-commerce site- a purchase. You need to
find the perfect balance for your website to have a good appearance and have
the important information you want to get across.

It can be very difficult to try to tailor a website to what you want, the customer
wants and what Google and the rankings want. However, `if you can do this and
do it right you will have even more visitors to your site. This is what everyone
wants, but few succeed due to not taking these factors into consideration.