What should you look for in a VPS provider?
Before you start looking for VPS you should write down the reasons why you need a VPS. This could be to gain more resources like memory, bandwidth, or storage space. This way you know what you need, and what you don’t.
  1. Location
The location of your VPS is very important. You should purchase a VPS in the location where the majority of your traffic will be coming from. Speed depends upon where your VPS server is located and the country, this could mean slower speed. SEO rankings will also be favourable in the country where the VPS is located. Also, support will be easier to reach, if the team is located in the same time zone as your location.
  1. Reliability
The hardware that your VPS is built on is extremely important in delivering a reliable service. Conventional Virtual Servers use a single dedicated server which is built with a single or dual CPU’s, lots of RAM and multiple drives in a RAID Array. This type allows for a good performance and reliability and generally a lower cost of entry. There can be disadvantages which include the dedicated server being a single point of failure, limited scalability and capped Disk I/O which is influenced by the number of drives in the server. You can also get Virtual Servers or now also referred to as Cloud Servers built on SAN and Blade environments, these environments are generally and offer higher levels of redundancy and scalability to the end user. Benefits include Higher availability, better Disk I/O due to using a SAN and flexibility allowing the VPS customer to upgrade, downgrade their VPS as needed. This type of solution usually costs more than a conventional VPS but you do get a lot more for your money.
  1. Types of VPS
There are multiple Virtualisation offerings on the market today, which is why you do some research and find out which is best for you. Managed VPS systems These have management software installed on them. For example, they have CPanel, which offer tons of features. It also means your new virtual server is ready to go when you are. The advantage is that you don’t have to pay for that management software extra, as it’s already included. Unmanaged VPS systems These are a blank server. No OS, no management software, no web server software. Nothing. Everything will need to be installed by you. If you want a web interface for server and website management (like CPanel), you’ll need to pay for it. That will pretty much eliminate any pricing benefits you received by choosing unmanaged. Unmanaged VPS systems also usually come with much less support. You will have to bear in mind managing a VPS server is hard. It entails learning how to manage Linux and Apache. This means learning how to use the command line and root access. If you don’t know or not fully sure about how to use this, but still need a VPS, then the managed VPS is the way to go. Ipad
  1. Flexibility
Customers who are purchasing a VPS have felt outgrown by their Web Hosting account or they are looking for a solution that is more flexible. Make sure that the VPS you choose can grow with your needs and requirements and that the host has an easy to use control panel which provides at least the basic functions such as upgrading and downgrading, start, stop, reboot and of course console for when you break things. Regardless of what variety of websites your company needs to be hosted, a virtual private server is a popular and versatile option. With the capacity to customise your virtual private server on every level, you will be able to make a server that will help your company as well as its domain names to continue to enhance their success.
  1. Price Value
The price isn’t the most important factor when choosing the right server for your needs, especially if it’s for business. You should shop around, try not to go for the cheapest option, speak to multiple providers and find a VPS and a host that offers great value for money. Managed hosting sometimes comes as an add-on service. So you will need to see first how much the regular hosting plan then adds the management fee in order to get the actual cost of a managed hosting plan. Want a Super-fast, super-stable, scalable cloud servers? Click here.

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