Price comparison websites can help not just the customer but you as a competitor too. You can analyse your competitors and check out variations of prices.

If you sell products to consumers, then it is worth your while to look at price comparison websites on a regular basis. These sites are designed for consumers to find the right products at the right price. An ideal tool for businesses who need to see what their competitors are offering, including product types and service levels.

At the same time, these sites provide the quickest way to analyse prices. Prices are increasingly changing for products. Comparative sites are valuable for businesses that want to keep up with price levels and changes in demand.

Who’s selling what?

Price comparison websites allow you to compare many of the suppliers of a product in one place, giving you a look at the market. It’s worth finding out what else your competitors are selling because you might be missing out on popular product lines.

Customer service

Customer service is an important selling point for any business and can help them stand out from bigger competitors. Service terms should cover delivery speeds and costs, refund policies and payment security. Crucially, a business should also offer an easy way to ask questions and make complaints. Use price comparison sites to compare the service being offered by the other sellers in the market.

Check out the detail

Shoppers don’t always choose the cheapest product. Customers prefer all the extras, including shipping costs, the service promise and the reputation of the retailer. So it’s worth checking out the details and not just comparing price tags – that’s what your customers will be doing after all.

User ratings and reviews

Reputation is critical and many price comparison websites have word-of-mouth recommendation through customer ratings and reviews. This is free market research and shows which products are rated most highly. What’s more, most reviews include feedback about service as well as the products themselves so you can compare how well your competitors are meeting their customers’ expectations.