Seven Reasons Why You Should Use cPanel For Web Hosting
cPanel consists of a user interface, which makes a confusing and intricate system manageable and simple. Both beginners, average users, and professional developers can benefit from using this tool. This control panel is Linux based, and it offers users a dashboard for managing an array of elements on their website. Let us get the list and discuss the top six reasons you should use this platform for web hosting.

A Strong Database Support

The storage amount that your cPanel offers is an important factor. cPanel tends to offer multiple amounts of database options. However, the two primary options consist of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. Here, both these options enable your panel and website to work hand in hand. Fetching excess information from the database is their primary objective. The robust query system in these two databases is responsible for this outcome. cPanel allows you to access the database through a different hosting provider. The servers’ secure configuration enables this remote access.

Numerous Domains

cPanel allows users to add multiple domains. This particular feature enables the users to carry out site browsing utilising an array of domains. This process is possible, all thanks to the domain aliases. This platform also makes it possible for users to redirect their clients. Here, it means that the traffic of other sites is transferrable elsewhere and also to a different domain.

Installing Options

A cPanel that is pre-installed is always great. It decreases the time which you will have to spend to install the several software. In addition, these software types help keep a watch on the number of procedures carried out, including the resources utilised. cPanel will efficiently monitor your website performance. You can also install numerous CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, which will assist you in website creation.

Back-Up & Expansion

The recovery process and backup of your data is something that you consider whenever you pick a panel. And cPanel provides the best method for getting back all your lost data. You need to save daily while you update your data. You should do it to allow a swift backup and the retrieval of your data. cPanel comes with numerous back features for easing the procedure. Hosting with cPanel also features immense scalability. You can always add more information to the panel without any issue.

Compatible Nature

The service provider of your panel should always function in conjunction with the other companies. The thing about cPanel is that it is highly compatible with all the other browsers such as Opera, Chrome, and more. It also opens its doors to several extensions and plugins. If you own a digital marketing website, then you will benefit from it a lot.

Convenient Email Management

If you have an email resonating with your site, it brings forth a professional environment. This tool allows you to delete or make an email account through the panel. You can also edit the email and its interface for beautifying its appearance. It is also possible to integrate your Google account with your site mail. It undoubtedly makes your service delivery simple and convenient.

Safe & Secure

Every tech item prioritises security. Here, cPanel keeps your site safe while also managing it at the same time. Its functions help prevent malicious activities and also offers data protection. Your website also won’t experience any harmful penetration by implementing cPanel’s 2-Tier verification programs. Now you can keep your cPanel perfectly secure by following these key measures:
  • You need to perform daily updates for receiving the newest security features.
  • It is smart to implement anti-virus protection or a firewall. It helps prevent any type of malicious activities.
  • You need to utilise robust and reliable password. It is best to avoid using DOB and name on your password as they can get easily hacked.

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