The Need For cPanel In Website Hosting
cPanel consists of a famous control panel that is web-based. This website development tool will help you manage your site utilising a GUI or Graphical User Interface. It enables you to have full control of website management without having to depend on professional website developers.

Assessing Its Nature

cPanel helps manage the vital file management aspects, email management, FTP, and backups for managing every potential mail-related task. It also includes:
  • Mailing Lists and the Email Account Forwarders
  • Autoresponder and the Spam Filter
  • Error Page Management
  • MIME Types
  • Sub-Domain and Domain Control
  • Password Protection of the Web Folders
  • Statistical Information
  • Apache Handlers
  • Users’ Management
  • CGI Scripts
  • Cron Jobs
  • Bulletin Board
  • Chatroom Management
  • Shopping Cart
  • HotLink Protection
  • MySQL Database Administration
  • SSL Manager
  • Network Tools
  • Leech Protection

What It Does

The users use the cPanel as the front-end tool for carrying out numerous site operations. For example, it will help you in creating a site or an account. It can also help in redirecting or managing additional domains, including other features for building and editing webpages and websites. Here, the Cron job assists in triggering automate tasks during provided time schedules. You can also use the cPanel for activating the pre-installed type of CGI scripts like forums, website development tools, shopping carts, and chats. All thanks to its top-notch email-related features, email management is super easy and convenient now. One of its best features would be its web application called “Fantastico.” This specific application helps in installing numerous CMS (Content Management System) such as the Joomla and Mambo. It also supports the installation of WordPress, which is a famous blogging platform. Fantastico can also help install an array of other scripts and software. cPanel has undoubtedly become the best tool for website administration. Even a beginner can use and master it at the earliest. Now you can easily focus on creating quality content for your website.

Its Statistical Features

The statistical features of cPanel are necessary to all the webmasters. Features such as the AWStats helps in quickly presenting many traffic and web related statistics. You will easily know the performance of your site during any day because of its complete statistics. cPanel also helps in revealing the amount of bandwidth used by your site. It also reveals the number of web visitors who visited your site from different countries. You will come to know everything from which web pages witnessed more visitations and the low or high traffic on a specific day time. It is also aware of the several crawlers of search engines that visited your site.

cPanel & Database Management

cPanel undoubtedly makes it easy to manage the crucial aspect of data maintenance and data creation. The highly trained or professional database administrators were responsible for handling the hard database management tasks back in the day. But nowadays, just about anyone can carry and handle the job. Its top-tier graphical user interface or GUI enables everyone to easily understand all the required steps needed for database management.

The Verdict

Now you can see that cPanel provides the utmost control to the webmaster. Here, the webmaster gets to be the master of his universe and successfully run his website. It garners a successful and active online presence, all thanks to its powerful and effective interface.

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