It is important to find out what your email metrics are because they show us if the emails are getting better or worse, and what we can do to improve them. These are the top three most widely tracked and referenced email-marketing metrics.

  1. Open Rates

Open rate is about how many people opened your email message. It’s not too complex on the surface, however, email clients like Yahoo, Outlook and iPhone’s, automatically open emails. This could give you wrong data as the person who you want the email to go, isn’t actually reading it. Fear not, other email clients do not automatically load images, and because open rates are tracked with an impression pixel (a 1×1 pixel image), if images aren’t downloaded, then the email isn’t measured as having been opened.

What’s the average: This depends on your industry, but generally an open rate of 20-to-30 percent or more is good. Don’t panic if your open rates are low, because for some niches, like marketing consultants or ad agencies, that’s average.

  1. Click-through Rates

These are also pretty simple to understand. If someone clicks one of the links in your email message, you’ve got a click. The click-through rate is how many recipients out of one hundred clicked somewhere on your email message. It is measured as a percentage, for example if 25 out of 100 people clicked, you’ll have a 25 percent click-through rate.

What’s the average: Once again it depends on your industry, but anything over a 10 percent click-through rate is decent. If you clear 20 percent, then that is very good.

  1. Unsubscribe Rate

This is how many people out of 100 unsubscribed from the email message you just sent. Each email has its own unsubscribe rate. You should look for a spike in unsubscribes — it’s a clear sign you sent an email your readers didn’t like.

What’s the average: Unsubscribe rates are best kept to about 0.2 percent, though marketers who mail very frequently or to less responsive lists may see unsubscribe rates reach into .05 percent range.