Unlimited web hosting and its nuances
As the name suggests, unlimited web hosting is a service offered to clients so they can host their websites on servers owned by the hosting service. But the word ‘unlimited’ used by web hosting services remains vague at best. Do they provide unlimited resources like bandwidth and storage? Does it mean that these web hosts provide you with all the unlimited without any catch?

What does ‘unlimited’ truly mean

Like every marketing campaign to lure unsuspecting customers, these companies have redefined the word ‘unlimited’ to mean almost the opposite at the web hosts’ discretion. They get to choose what the word ‘unlimited’ truly means by setting up strict Terms of Services so that users can’t abuse any of their resources. An example of this is the ‘unlimited storage’ that web hosting services advertise as part of their unlimited hosting plan. If you do your research, you will find that they will say you can upload as much data as you want, but not all at once. Meaning, you’ll be able to store data but not upload huge chunks of them at once. You are allowed to use an unspecified amount in the beginning and then add later. The web host decides the one who gets to determine how much you can use. This is a smart move by companies on their part. They didn’t even specify the amount of data you can use or the rate you can upload your data. Not even in the contract, you have agreed with them as the specifications stated. These specifications are whatever they feel like imposing at the moment. And for whatever reason your website grows exponentially, they can terminate your contract because you’ve breached it.

Unlimited storage tag

Another feature that is grossly advertised in unlimited web hosting plans is the ‘unlimited’ storage feature. The fact of the matter is that they don’t provide you with unlimited storage. And they restrict what clients can use the storage for. This is done because if they tried to fulfil their promise of unlimited storage, they would have to go around buying an unlimited amount of hard disks. The Terms of Service of companies claiming to provide unlimited storage usually put restrictions on what you can upload to the servers.

The unlimited bandwidth promise

The unlimited bandwidth that web hosting services promise to provide is also, well, limited. These limitations are set by monitoring the resource usage of clients. The fact that web hosting companies promise to provide unlimited bandwidth is appealing. Until that is, you find that there is a side effect to this. Web hosting services put a lot of clients on the same server, resulting in a loss of performance. Since there are a lot of clients utilizing the resources of the server, the performance is drastically reduced. In short, your site’s performance will be affected since your website shares the same bandwidth pipe as other websites.

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