Pinterest may be different from other social sites but it still has the power to promote your brand and deliver sales with its range of features.

Pinterest is more of a search engine than just the typical a social network. It is a powerful tool to use to drive traffic back to your website in the long term. Whilst the normal shelf life of a Facebook post is about a day, a Pin keeps driving traffic indefinitely.

 Have you made your brand noticeable?

Like with all social media you should include your brand’s name and website address on your Pinterest profile page. This way potential customers know who you are and how to get to your website. As for posts, you should make sure you use your captions well. You should show how and why it is useful, even if it’s content from your site or repinning it from somewhere else. As well as always ensuring you mention and link to your website in the captions.

Is your website Pinterest-friendly?

Before you start, you will want to make it easy for other social users to Pin articles and images from your website using a Pinterest browser extension. The Pinterest Save button lets you save any idea you so you can easily get back to it later. This is why you should add the Pin It button to your website for people to save ideas and products to Pinterest.

Besides the Pin It button, you can also add a Follow button in a prominent position on your webpage so your customers can easily find you. There are other widgets that you can also add to your site, including Pin, profile, and board features for easy access.

Do you have appealing content?

You want your business’ Pinterest to be a mix of original and curated content. Pins that are helpful, compelling, and actionable, are great for people to discover, share, and save your ideas.

The image is the first thing people see in a Pin, this is why you need it to be shareable and eye-catching. You can use text overlays to help people browse and discover faster. A detailed description of the content will help people know what the pin means in relation to your brand.

Some companies add lists or how-tos in the text overlays, these can be then linked to a blog on your website for example. This will help the users know where they will be redirected too and how it can help their questions.

Do you know Pinterest’s image requirements?

Your pins need to get noticed in order to get clicked. Most people use Pinterest on mobile and feeds are organised into columns, this is why vertical Pins are always the best. Taller Pins take up more space in people’s feeds. If you have optimised your site for the network, but Pinterest still doesn’t show your images, you need to check your dimensions.

Vertical images can have an aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:2.8 and must be at least 600px wide.

Pinterest doesn’t recognize background images, images embedded in iFrames or within Flash websites. Having accurate dimensions will help your Pins get noticed better, leading to more clicks on your site.

What are Pinterest’s categories?

This is where Pinterest users search for content in different categories. You should get to know the ones that apply to your business to see where your content fits. Some of the top pinned categories include home decor, food and drink, weddings, DIY, and crafts. Once you figure out the categories that apply to your business, remember to categorise your Pinboard’s to make it easier for users to discover your content.

What would boost my pins more?

Pinners love learning new ways of doing things, Pinterest is a great place to share knowledge about your area of expertise. Users like to see tutorials and how-to articles on something new, as well as offering advice.

Another type of content that often makes it to the top Pinned lists is infographics. Start by finding and repinning well-researched and well-designed infographics on the topics relevant to your brand. Infographics are a great way of using graphics as visual representations of information to present information quickly and clearly.

Eventually, you will create your own great content like Pinnable infographics and quick pictures. They should display helpful and shareable content, highly visual, and take up the space you need to get noticed.

How do I get my customers involved?

Pinterest is a great tool for acknowledging your customer’s needs and you can do this by creating Boards for them. For example, if your customers find unique ways to incorporate your brand’s products or services into their everyday life, you can show your appreciation by making a board from them. This will help the customer feel appreciated and they will shop with you if they feel important.

How do I get my team involved?

Pinterest allows users to add contributors to Boards, so you and your employees can add content that you find relevant. Employees are your brand’s best advocates, they can share similar interests or information with your brand’s site. You can make your employees feel a part of the process by @mention them in the captions of the Pins they selected.

Pinterest can also help your business promote company culture, celebrate employees, and attract new hires. For example, if your company held a charity or a team bonding event, why not create a Board to share it. It is a great way to add personality to your brand and build loyalty among customers.

What’s a themed Pinterest Board?

Speaking of events, is there a special milestone or a big product release coming up? Your business could be rebranding and you need a creative way to tell your customers about it. This is where themed boards come in handy. Pinterest allows you to connect written, photo, and video resources in one place and present it in a shareable.

Should you review your Pinterest Analytics?

As with any social networking site, it’s crucial to make regular checks to refine your content strategy for that platform. Pinterest Analytics allows you to see what Pins and boards get the most likes, comments, and repins. You can easily gather new data about your audience such as who they are, what they like, and what devices they use to Pin your content. Pinterest Analytics also shows how the Pin It button is performing on your website—and whether it’s directing referral traffic or not.