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Why are videos important on your website?
Appearance is everything and everyone knows if something is eye-catching, you normally want to look further into it. Your website should display your brand. First impressions count so your business can’t afford your website to turn people away. Good visual and quality design on your site can make your brand stay in the visitor’s mind. A professional, modern looking website can build trust and guide visitors to looking more in-depth in your website. When it comes to web copy, people don’t normally read it word for word. Images stick longer with readers and you are more likely to gain a return on your content investment.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Quickly deliver your message
People are known to take in information they see and hear faster than information they read.  A custom video is a great way to get your message across in a format visitors will quickly and easily understand.  You should match your copy with pictures, as it will strengthen your message overall and put your branding on it. These videos can be liked and shared all over social media to get your company out there. Quick videos are always a hit on social media as people never really want to watch a video over 2 minutes. Best video times are shorter, visually appealing and interesting.
Entertainment over informative
Companies don’t limit their video to just being informative, they can also so be entertaining. People enjoy liking and sharing videos that they enjoy. The video should have a happy balance of both entertaining and informative so it keeps people watching and interacting with the video. The more people enjoy it the more they are able to share it and maybe make it go viral. People would rather a fun exciting and engaging video than boring informative ones. However, make sure you market your videos to the right audience. For example: If you sell to industry professionals your video should be informative with maybe some inside-industry humour. Or if you sell to ordinary people on the street you should try to personalise it to suit different people’s needs with humour as an added extra.
Your companies personality
By producing great videos and keeping up with trends you can help your company gain the ‘fun’ factor. Many companies all over Twitter and Facebook have been known to share funny stories, pictures and videos, whether it is about their own company or the competitors’ products. You can accurately present your company culture and personality than through a custom video of your team in action. It is a great way to build a welcoming relationship with your customers. You can use videos to introduce customers to your team. This can be done through employee profiles, product demonstrations or a live delivery of your company mission statement and values. A video can bring visitors closer to you and your company.
Increase your reach
You should share your video through your own social media networks and allow visitors to share do the same through theirs, this way you create the opportunity for your video to go viral.  Remember, post that video to your YouTube channel (Google loves YouTube videos) so you have an additional place to promote, and to get promoted. Social Media can really maximize your reach and your video will get seen by consumers or businesses that might not have otherwise.  If the video is truly engaging and has strong calls to action, that is going to result in an increase in new visitors to your website.
Stand out from the competition
A custom video is a great way to stand out from your competition.  The truth is, not many companies have the vision or the creativity to put a video representation of their company or product/service on their website. This is because some companies don’t want their ideas or prices to be replicated, which is understandable, however not practical in this generation anymore. Those that do have unique and creative videos have a major advantage over their competition. It can be sometimes hard to come up with a completely brand new idea so you can take a few ideas and make them with your own flair.
Promote visits to your website
Getting someone to visit your website once is all well and good, getting them to come back, again and again, is more difficult. Every time someone comes back to your website, it is an opportunity to encourage them to take specific buying actions.  A great way to get people to regularly visit your website is to add exciting, engaging and useful videos that deliver your targeted message and provide value to viewers. You can teach your website visitors how to use your product in their home. Rather than one long video, you can break it up into segments for each use and promote when the next video will be released at the end of each video. If there are a list of benefits your customer will receive from using your service, you can create a short video for each benefit and release the videos one at a time. This is a good opportunity to let viewers know when they can come back to your website and see the next video.
The design of a website is one of the most important aspects of your business because it affects how quickly visitors can find what they are looking for. A good design will be easy to understand and navigate, helping potential customers find what they need and take you one step closer to making a sale or getting in touch. Videos are a great way to boost your website’s appearance and encourage customer interactions. Videos can bring substance to your website

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