What Do You Mean by Unlimited Website Hosting?
Whenever you hear that something is unlimited, it sounds fantastic because we know that it will benefit us. Many web hosting companies provide users with different plans like unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, or unlimited hosting. So, is there any truth in these so-called ‘unlimited plans’ that companies advertise about? Read further to find out.

What is Unlimited Website Hosting?

Unlimited website hosting means the company allows you to host as many domains or websites as you need for one charge without charging any additional amount. You will have multiple websites under one domain name, data transfer, unlimited disk storage, and sometimes unlimited addons. A hosting package includes shared resources where many users use the same server to host their websites. As technology advances and the capacity of servers grow, more and more people can have access to the unlimited website hosting at cheaper rates. It also means that companies can now give unlimited offers to their legitimate users, which they can use for the right reasons.

What do you get with unlimited website hosting?

With an unlimited website hosting plan, you get access to,
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Registration of domain
  • Integration of apps with
  • More security
  • SEO tools
  • Automated back-up
  • Data security with SSL certificate
If you want to use such incredible features, check out the unlimited website hosting plans of CertaHosting. It is a reliable source that aims to keep your websites running 24×7 and provide plans at cheap rates.

What don’t Unlimited Website Hosting Plans include?

Every company has a set of AUP that you must agree to before registering your domain name. Just because the plan is unlimited, it does not mean that there are no rules or limitations. Here are a few things that are not allowed under unlimited website hosting.
  1. Sharing/ archives/ file upload/ backup/mirroring etc.
  2. A site that can divert traffic to another location.
  3. You are giving access to the public to use your account resources, whether it’s a free or paid account.

What should you remember before hosting unlimited websites?

When you go for cheap unlimited website hosting, remember these few points.

Own the domain name

If you don’t have a domain name already, you will have to register the domain names you want to own. If you’re going to host multiple domains, you will have to register each domain before using them.

No charge for subdomains

There will be no additional charges for hosting subdomains. Since the subdomain names are created under the primary domain name, which you need to register with the company, no extra costs are levied.

Pay for domain registration

You will have to pay for the domain name for unlimited website hosting. The payment is taken for the whole year, and sometimes they offer discounts on such deals.

Are you ready for a cheap unlimited website hosting plan?

If you haven’t tried unlimited website hosting, you should give this feature a try and use the different resources to boost the traffic to your website. With cheap unlimited website hosting plans, you get to have more exposure for your website.

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