What unlimited web hosting can do for you
Finding the right one to fit your brand can be a challenge when it comes to hosting services. With lots of modern options available on the market today, anyone can get confused. First, let’s look at which type of web hosting service will be suitable for a brand.

Picking the correct type of web hosting

As mentioned before, there are a lot of options available. Each type caters to different needs and situations of various organizations and businesses. Choosing the right kind that fills the needs of you and your brand is essential to the success of your website.
  1. Shared hosting: It is a more economical approach for businesses that expect average traffic and want good resources to operate websites. In this plan, the websites of multiple clients are put on the same server. The resources like CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth of the server are shared across numerous clients on that server. The drawback of this plan is that if one client gets heavy traffic, the other users suffer because they have to share resources.
  2. Managed hosting: In managed hosting, the service providers do more technical aspects of web hosting. The service provider gives you hosting and hardware maintenance as well.
  3. Virtual private servers: A VPS is considered the next step from shared hosting if your website has outgrown shared hosting. It is one physical server that acts as multiple servers. But what makes it different from shared hosting is that the resources are dedicated for every client on the physical server. This means that unlike having to fight for resources in shared hosting, you get the resources you need by paying flat out.
  4. Cloud hosting: This is a type of web hosting that has recently become popular due to its numerous advantages. Cloud hosting is best suited for rapidly growing sites that require a substantial amount of resources. Like VPS, you pay for a part of the resources. However, the difference in cloud hosting from VPS is that multiple servers are on the cloud sharing resources. So even if one physical server fails, the others can compensate for the failure.

Where does unlimited web hosting come in?

Simply put, unlimited web hosting is shared hosting. It’s a marketing gimmick by companies to sell more. It has all the characteristics of shared hosting, apart from providing seemingly ‘unlimited’ resources like bandwidth, storage and others. But what sets this plan apart from the other types of web hosting is that it’s way cheaper and easier to manage and maintain. If you’re running a start-up and is looking for an online presence that doesn’t burn a hole in the company’s budget, then this is the way to go. Apart from these, there are other pros to picking an unlimited web hosting over others –
  • Highly affordable for the resources provided.
  • Not much technical expertise is needed.
  • Support for website management from the provider.
  • The provider’s engineers already maintain the server.
  • The host also handles the administrative aspects.


Think of it like this. There are a lot of options available to you when it comes to hosting a website. But as a beginner, it is best to start with unlimited web hosting until your website starts to get a lot of attention. Then, you can move on to other options. The trade is good enough for the price web hosting companies offer. You get a good amount of resources for your website to start. So opting for an unlimited web hosting plan should be the way to go.

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