How to Find Out Where a Website Is Hosted?
The question of “how to find out who is hosting any website” gets thrown around a lot in the digital community nowadays. Why? Site owners need to be aware of where their data is present. To get your website hosted, you need to have a website hosting account. It allows readers from around the world to easily access your website. Web hosting is a space that you need to purchase on a web server for storing all of your website files. Here, you are renting a server space within a web server for placing all your important files. It is a necessity for everyone and doesn’t limit only to certain users. If you have a website, then you need to possess one for your website to flourish. It is a must for people that are just starting with their company. Possessing just a domain name isn’t going to market your business. You need to host a website for your business to be live and active on the internet. Registering domain names without a web hosting serves no point. In this post, I’ll be covering the importance of why you need to locate your website’s host. I will also guide you through the required steps to locate where your hosting is. But first, you might want to know more about the need for web hosting, if you are a beginner.
What Is a Domain Host, and Why Does It Matter?
A Domain name host consists of an internet service that runs your domain name like The domain hosts make use of the DNS records. Here DNS stands for Domain Name System. It helps in connecting your domain name with websites, email, and other additional web services. And so, you need to have one. Some popular domain name hosts consist of Certa Hosting, DreamHost, GoDaddy, 1&1 IONOS, and Enom. Google cloud uses the whois information from your DNS records for setting up online services. When looking for a domain registrar, be aware of its price, accreditation, terms, duration, delay, transfer policy, management, and customer support.
Find Who Is Hosting My Domain
Let me guide you through the step by step process of locating your domain’s host. Before we get into it, here are the possibilities for your case:
  1. Registering a domain name with GoDaddy.
  2. DNS hosting is on a private server.
  3. Web hosting provider is with Media Temple.
  4. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is with Cloudflare.
  5. Email hosting is with G Suite, i.e., Google.
Domain Registration A domain registration service makes sure that you own the name tag of your website. Just a quick reminder here, a domain registration doesn’t include the database, email, code, or site files. You can do a WHOIS information search for quickly checking the provider of your domain registration.
  • Navigate to a search engine of WHOIS like GoDaddy.
  • Start looking for your domain name.
  • Locate the Reseller information.
  • It will notify you of who your domain registration service provider is. Start looking for the Registrar information if you can’t see the Reseller information.
  • Excellent! Now you know the place to go for making changes in your domain registration. You can also change the nameservers in the domain registration.
The nameservers will help in determining the hosting location of your DNS files. This information is crucial if you are planning to make DNS changes. You can also see it via a WHOIS search.
  • Use a search engine of WHOIS like GoDaddy.
  • Start looking for the name of your domain information.
  • Look for the Name Server Information on your results.
  • It will notify you about your DNS hosting.
  • Great! Now you know where to make these DNS changes.
Web Hosting:
All your videos, codes, images, files, etc. are present in your web hosting. Digging through you’re a-record DNS is a quick way to locate your web hosting provider.
  • Start using a DNS checker.
  • Search for your domain name.
  • Search for the A-record.
  • An IP address will generate from your search.
  • Now proceed to visit an IP searching site like WHATISMYIPADDRESS.
  • Once you find the IP address, proceed to enter it. The results will display where the IP address is originating from.
  • If you are a customer of Media Temple and possess several servers for hosting websites, then you can start checking. Check which website of yours is present in by logging into your account. Compare the DNS results to that of your server IP address.
  • Superb! Now you know where to go for editing your website’s images, codes, videos, files, etc.
Firewalls & Content Delivery Network (CDN):
The A-record will appear to be different from your real web host if you are using a CDN or Firewall. Once you activate a change in CDN, it will require you to start changing you’re a-records. Based on the example above, the provider is displaying to be Sucuri. It is the servicer for (mt) Security Pack / CDN & WAF. So, you can proceed to login to your account on Media Temple to see if your site is in configuration to (mt) Security Pack / CDN & WAF. But for other CDN & Firewall providers, you might need to directly contact the developer of your website for detailed information.
Email hosting involves the server that runs your sending/receiving of emails. You can check this by viewing the MX-records for the personal domain.
  • Utilize a DNS Checker.
  • Start searching for the name of your domain. Make sure to look for MX-record.
  • You should start seeing the MX-records generate from your search.
  • Once you find the MX-record, start looking for its A-record type. It will help output an IP address.
  • Proceed to visit WHATISMYIPADDRESS to locate your address.
  • Once you find your IP Address, proceed to insert it. The result will notify you of where the IP address is originating from.
  • In this way, you know about which account or host service to visit for making email related changes. It includes adding, removing users, changing passwords, checking email, etc.
Summing It Up!
As I conclude this post, you have to take these key pointers mentioned above for locating your hosting. Remember, the golden question here is “Who’s hosting this?” This question will always have a few different answers. Hosting a website comprises a lot of different services. Yes, it is possible to have all your services for hosting provider via a single company. But it isn’t rare to see a website have all of their hosting services offered via multiple hosting companies. You can always get familiar with the DNS Concept to better understand this entire procedure. Locating hosting any website isn’t that complicated. If you need help with finding out where a website hosting is, or are looking to change hosting then get in touch with the Certa team here.

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