Why Certa Hosting is the best Web Hosting platform
Web hosting services are on the rise as more and more business owners realize their importance. Service providers such as Certa Hosting has thus, seen an increase in clients, dealing in a wide range of businesses. Certa Hosting provides the best web hosting services for you at the most affordable rates. Let’s take a look at the four business plans that make Certa Hosting stand out from the rest.

The “Certa Lite” Plan

Certa Lite is a Linux Hosting or Shared Hosting plan. Shared Hosting is the most basic, flexible and affordable web hosting plan that most people opt for. In Linux Hosting, the server hosts multiple websites, meaning all clients have a shared space. At 2.99 Euros per month (3.59 including VAT), the Certa Lite plan provides you with multiple features. It backs up your data daily and provides you with unlimited SSD space and unlimited Bandwith. The instant activation and setup feature helps you save time. Don’t worry about availability because Certa Lite has 99.9% uptime with phone support as well. And of course, the best part has to be the 30-day money-back policy!

The “Reseller Lite” Plan

Reseller Hosting is a hosting service that you, the client, can provide to your clients. Through Certa Hosting’s Reseller Lite plan, you can become a host for 12.99 Euros a month (15.59 Euros including VAT).  Certa Hosting’s reseller plan has several features. For starters, if you’re a reseller, the service will back up your data daily with the R1Soft Self Restore software. You’ll have a cPanel with which you can manage your servers and hosted services along with a Web Host Manager. There’s no limit on Bandwith, so no worries about data transfer.  The reseller plan is very user-friendly. You don’t need to know anything about making websites! Thanks to the one-click install feature, you can create a website with just one click. After you’re done creating a website, you’ll need to brand it. The Reseller Lite plan makes that easy as well. You can do it in just a few simple steps.

The “Mail Lite” Plan

No one wants virus-carrying spam emails filling up their mailbox. Web hosting clients have their emails attached to their businesses. Doing so exposes them to the risk of viruses. So how do you deal with them? The answer is the use of filters.  The Mail Lite plan is an email package that provides you webmail. With this, you can create an email for your business, making it more professional. The Mail Lite package costs 4.99 Euros (5.99 Euros including VAT). Spending the said amount gives you many benefits. The first and most crucial benefit is the anti-spam and anti-virus spam filters. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP helps your mail reach the right inboxes. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your emails either because this package provides you a filtered SMTP gateway. The filter keeps your system safe as it scans the mail while receiving them. Upon detection of any virus, the email connection is terminated. Apart from protecting your business, the Mail Lite Plan also provides round-the-clock technical support. If all that safety isn’t enough, the package also provides security for the money you pay. This security is in the form of a 30-day money-back policy. 

The “Simple SSD VPS” Plan

Cloud servers are an integral part of web hosting. The Simple SSD VPS Plan provides cloud servers and costs 7.99 Euros per month (9.59 including VAT). With this plan, you can instantly set up your cloud server and get 99.99% uptime. You can use it anywhere since it’s globally available with 40 GbE connectivity speed. You can also run multiple virtual machines on a single server with KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machines.

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