Why you should get unlimited web hosting
Setting up a website if you’re a business is imperative if you’re looking to have a successful venture. There are many available hosting services that you can avail of. But picking the right one for your brand can also be a confusing task on its own. A web host plan like unlimited web hosting has many benefits for businesses on the smaller side. But there are also hidden downsides of unlimited web hosting, most notably the speed of the server.

What is unlimited web hosting?

Unlimited web hosting is an alternative name given to shared hosting by hosting companies. It’s a marketing tactic to lure in customers who aren’t too familiar with the concept of web hosting. An unlimited web host plan consists of features like unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, websites and domains. What’s a web host? Web hosts are companies that allow users and organizations to put their websites on the world wide web. These websites are stored on servers that are rented to use by clients. You can say it’s just marketing fluff to use the word “unlimited”. As mentioned before, unlimited web hosting is the same as shared web hosting. A shared web hosting means that a website is stored on the same server as other clients’ websites. In this kind of web hosting, all domains share the same resources of the server, like the CPU and RAM.

Alternatives to unlimited web hosting

It’s reasonable to wonder if there are other alternatives to an unlimited web host, and there are. The choices may be varied, but every choice has a use for a particular situation. If you’re a small business, then going for an unlimited web hosting service is the more economical option as your website wouldn’t use too much of the server’s resources. Of course, you can look to other options if your company begins to grow and garner more online attention. Some of the alternatives are listed below –
  1. Cloud hosting – A cloud hosting service is a newer type of hosting service. It has powerful resources spread over several computers, and they are load-balanced. Cloud hosting is a more reliable alternative to other hosting varieties since computers can compensate for resources when a single computer fails.
  2. Dedicated hosting – A dedicated hosting service where the user is allowed complete control over the server. Since the client has full administrative access to the server, the client is responsible for the maintenance and security of the server.
  3. Virtual dedicated server – A VPS (Virtual dedicated server) is one where the resources of a server are spread across different virtual servers.


Starting a website for whatever reason is not an easy task. You have to be knowledgeable on the technical aspects as well. Then you have to have a server so you can make your website available on the internet. Of course, building your server is possible, but not everyone has the technical know-how and the budget to build a home server. That is why opting for an unlimited web hosting service is the way to go. They are cheap, manageable and you get 24/7 support with almost every company that provides web hosting these days.

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