WordPress Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

There are different types of web hosting, which brings about a need to understand what they offer fully. In the end, you’d be able to pick the right web host that meets your requirements.

Shared and WordPress hosting are the two most common types of hosting. The mind bugling question now is, how to know the best host for you and your website?

This article will guide you on how to make the right choice between Shared and WordPress hosting as it would suit you best.

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Overview : WordPress Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular type of hosting common amongst small blogs and websites. They are one of the easiest to set up and affordable. If you own a website that does not need many resources or server customisation, then shared hosting is a perfect solution you need.

WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is designed for hosting websites that are using the WordPress CMS (content management system). WordPress is known for its increased security, reliability and speed. With WordPress hosting, you can focus on your content while the host handles the technical details of your website.

A subset of WordPress is the Managed WordPress hosting. And as the name implies, it’s all about helping poor resource or knowledge organisations manage their WordPress installations so that it can become better.

What are the Advantages of WordPress hosting
  • When you talk about WordPress, one of the first advantages that come to mind is its level of performance to your website. Since it only houses WordPress website, their servers is optimizable in a way that it allows advanced server caching.
  • Their advanced servers caching improves your website performance to the highest possible speed. WordPress speed optimisation can also boost your rankings on Google as well as improve SEO too.
  • Keeping your website up to date and online is also another vital part of running and managing a website successfully. When you’re using WordPress hosting, it provides you with auto-updates, which ensures better security and give you more time to work on content.
  • In case anything happens to your website, WordPress generally offers free automatic backups so that nothing would be lost. This automatic backups from WordPress hosting give you peace of mind, knowing that you can restore your website to what it was in the past.
  • This worry-free feature makes WordPress hosting stand out from the other hosting providers.
What are the Advantages of Shared hosting
  • Shared hosting comes with loads of benefits apart from its low cost. It is common amongst most host providers that Shared hosting offers unlimited storage space. Indirectly no matter how large you’d want your website to be, Shared hosting can store it all.
  • WordPress hosting may restrict you to the use of WordPress CMS, but Shared hosting allows you to use almost any CMS you want. So, whether it is Dreamweaver, Drupal, Magento CMS you want to use, Shared hosting will support them and other CMS and web development software.
What are the disadvantages of WordPress hosting
  • One of the main shortcomings of WordPress hosting is that it can only host website built with WordPress CMS. In other words, WordPress cannot host other CMS. Also, as a result of the server configuration, WordPress hosting restricts the amount of the overall disk space you can use.
  • It also limits the number of websites you can host on your account, which is a significant disadvantage if you have a large-sized site.
  • Similarly, WordPress hosting, just like Shared hosting, has a restriction on server customisation. Their servers are such that you can have the ultimate loading speed because of their high optimisation. Lastly, WordPress hosting is more expensive than Shared hosting.
What are the disadvantages of Shared hosting
  • Shared hosting can be used to host several websites on one server, which can affect the overall speed and resources of the website negatively. If at any point in time your site goes viral and gets a huge traffic spike, you may experience a longer load time. This longer loans time is because of the shared resources, which would lead to downtime.
  • Another disadvantage of shared hosting is its security. Since your website is on a server with many other websites, there’s no way to ensure security updates and maintenance across all sites. There’s every possibility of a potential security threat to your website as you cannot manage other website’s content management systems or security.
  • Furthermore, Shared hosting doesn’t allow server customisation because of the effect it has on other customer’s websites.
  • Therefore you may need to use the default server settings configuration by your hosting company.

Which web hosting is best for my website?

Your desires and needs would come to play to answer this question.

It’s advisable to use WordPress if:
  • You’re making use of WordPress as your CMS. Unfortunately, you cannot use other CMS in WordPress hosting. So, if you plan to use WordPress CMS, WordPress hosting is a perfect option for you.
  • You want to manage an online store or medium-sized website. WordPress hosting offers you an impressive uptime and speed for large or medium sites. It is perfect for e-commerce, community, intranet and business websites.
  • You want to manage your website’s content and not your website’s server security. WordPress offers auto-update, increased server security, and free automatic backups. With WordPress hosting, you can focus on your content and not you’re technical server details.
It’s advisable to use Shared hosting if:
  • You’d prefer to use a different CMS outside WordPress. So, if you’d want to use other CMS like OpenCart, Magento, Drupal and any other CMS, Shared hosting is your best option.
  • You have a limited or modest budget. Shared hosting is the least expensive web host, and it is the perfect package for you when you’re working on a limited budget.
  • You want to grow your website over time or start a small. When you want to start small, starting with Shared hosting is the perfect way to begin. Shared hosting would allow you to upgrade your website as it grows.


Shared hosting and WordPress hosting are viable options, which makes it challenging to choose the right one. But choosing a hosting plan is one of the essential elements you have to consider when you’re putting together a new website.

So, go for Shared hosting if you want to have something more affordable and customisable for your small website. And on the other hand, go for WordPress hosting, if you’re all about speed, highly optimised and secure site.

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