WordPress is one of the world’s most popular platform for building your own website. First released in 2003, WordPress supports more than 60 million websites and is easy to use.

WordPress provides a free advice and instructions on setting up your website. There have been numerous designers that have created free WordPress themes that you can use to give your site a smart, professional and attractive look.

A good theme helps your website rank well in search engines, and many are free to download. To start, log in to your cPanel and under Softaculous click WordPress and then download.

 WordPress.org Theme Directory

There are hundreds of themes with the official WordPress approval on WordPress.org.  WordPress.org also has a volunteer theme review team who review and approve all submissions, and only those that meet quality and security requirements make it through.

Due to the mass of themes available for WordPress, there are a number of ways to sieve through the specific theme you’re looking for. The Featured, Popular and Latest tabs at the top of the page are self-explanatory. The Feature Filter button allows you to specify what kind of layout, subject and features you want in a theme. If you are looking for something even more specific, you can use the search box on the top right.

Choosing a WordPress theme is difficult, never mind trying to pick the perfect one to suit your brand from thousands of themes. Whether you are looking for a free WordPress theme or are opting for a more robust premium one, this list is bound to have something that will work for you. It just goes to show picking a WordPress theme doesn’t have to be as overwhelming if you start off with the basics, you will become a pro in no time.